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"Bob Dylan was my brother -I could have been his blue eyed son. He taught me how to pick and choose, and stay forever young. I heard the Sounds of Silence Blowin in the Wind, and I have always been Experienced pretty much because of him."

-Bob Dylan Was my Brother A Bullock

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I started playing harmonica when Richard Nixon got on the helicopter. Nixon I was introduced to the instrument by Stuart Shulman while we were waiting for a ride hitchhiking through Algeria in 1973. I never imagined I had any musical ability or could play anything, but I took to it right away.

I started learning guitar in 1975. I lived in a 12 x 12 foot shack on a hilltop in a commune in Mendocino County, California. I had no electricity and no running water, and I loved it. I fired the woodstove and played for hours by the flicker of kerosone lamps and the rhythm of the winter rains.

The greatest experiences of my life have all occurred while traveling. When I was 17 I went to Europe for the summer and fell in love with life on the road. Because college was Travelingincredibly boring in comparison, the following spring I dropped out and spent a year traveling from Morrocco to Greece to Istanbul to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It was an incredible adventure and changed me in many ways. I have never felt happier or more inspired than that year when I leapt into the totally unknown. The world was more or less at peace back then,
or at least in between wars.

Later on I went back and travelled all around Asia. My wife is from Vietnam. I met her in a department store in Saigon.

bk blues bandMy twenties was a fantastic time of constant exploration and total unmitigated freedom. I have written many songs about it. When I was 29 I went to law school and became a bankruptcy attorney. It's not nearly as much fun, but it pays the bills, and I have helped a lot of people solve their debt problems. Click here to visit my law website.

Dancers Drum effectMy favorite art form is making music videos. Most of the time I write the songs, record them one track at at time on my computer, then build a video around the sound track. Initally they were very simple but they have gotten more and more more complex. I love working with a green screen and special effects. Links to my favorite videos are listed on the video page.