August Bullock Music Videos

"Bob Dylan was my brother -I could have been his blue eyed son. He taught me how to pick and choose, and stay forever young. I heard the Sounds of Silence Blowin in the Wind, and I have always been Experienced pretty much because of him."

-Bob Dylan Was my Brother
A Bullock

August Bullock at 4

24 (and there's so much more....)

Here are some of my favorite videos. Unless otherwise indicated, I made them myself. I wrote and recorded the songs, one track at a time, then built the videos around the sound tracks.

Don't Drive Me Away by August Bullock Don't Drive Me Away
Raw and indefatigable. One of my first recordings and videos.
Thumbnail The Dancers and the Drum
A rock and roll road trip with philisophical overtones
Thumbnail Love Affair with the Blues
An irreverent rock and roll fantasy. Featuring Chris Els on Keyboards.
Thumbnail I Saw the Face of God in Kathmandu
The story of my travels through Afghanistan and India when I was 19.
Thumbnail Dangerous Game
A harpfelt story song about a whimsical three way relationship. Starring Tina Trang as The Princess.
Thumbnail Heroes of America
Protesting George W and America's loss of her moral compass.
My most viewed video.
Thumbnail One More Cup of Coffee (live cover)
A live, rock harmonica cover of Bob Dylan's classic, performed
with the Highway 17 band.
Thumbnail Brother of Mine
One of my better songs. Simple acoustic version.
Thumbnail Electric Hymn to the Goddess Cosmic
Hommage to Gaia, bestowed by harmonica and electric guitar
Thumbnail 9/11 Truth Rap Blues
The official story cannot be true.
Thumbnail The Two of Us Were Crazy
Apologetic personal song with a country feel
Thumbnail It's No Wonder We're Deranged
An autobiographical pilgrimage, and the title track to my first CD.
Thumbnail We Were Free- An Anthem For the 1960's
Remember how beautiful it really was.
Thumbnail House of the Rising Sun
Acoustic live cover with harmonica
Thumbnail Rock Harp Medley
Lively live performance covering classic fifties rock songs. Since then I have gotten better at patting my head and rubbing my stomach.